Historical Dimensions of Piracy as a Maritime Crime

Sreemoyee Sarkar | PhD Research Scholar, Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University
email: sreemoyee_s@hotmail.com

This paper tries to throw light to a very different façade of maritime crimes of Indian Ocean and its imprint in contemporary literature.The response of the affected littoral states and geo-political schemes in the international and regional level are the major areas of concern so far, for the policy-makers, academicians and intellectuals as well. The international dimensions of related strategic developments in the pelagic waterways of Indo-Pacific region also trace out the socio-economic and political paradigm shifts in it. The age of imperialism and the consequent post-Cold War era has heralded a socio-politico-economic-strategic shift from Colonization to Globalisation. The liberalization process and the formation of a new global economic order clearly opened the eyes of the international community to strengthen its economic bonds more with other developed and developing regional organisations. This has led to enhanced international maritime concerns, since most regional trade is sea-borne. Despite ‘maritime bonding’, the Indian Ocean has unfortunately not seen the emergence of a vibrant trans-oceanic community. The problem plaguing the Indian Ocean is lack of “channelized” efforts towards addressing maritime challenges.

Key words: Maritime Crimes, Indian Ocean, Colonisation, International Community

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